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C++ programming language training course is intended for B.Tech, Diploma (Polytechnic) students, and also suitable for school students of CBSE ICSE/ ISC, West Bengal board students. Our own C C++ Java tutors conduct C++ courses in Kolkata.

We also conduct C C++ coaching in Kolkata. We shall provide C C++ private tutors, C++ teacher for your children at your home (home tutors). For C++ online tutors click the link.

C++ private tutors conducts C++ coaching & tutorials classes

C C++ combined course details

C C++ courses divided in two separate individual course. In first course we teach C programming language. In second course we complete C++ features and enhancement on C and C++ object oriented approach. You can learn both C and C++ or you can learn also any one of C & C++ courses if you want according to your requirement.

To learn C++ , learning C is essential?

Lots of features of C++ is similar to C, you can think C++ is an enhancement over C language, as C was developed first. So learning C is always a plus point. If you already know C language, then you should learn the enhancements and new features of C++ which are  Object oriented features << and >> operators, scope resolution operators and other many topics. For the students, who has the knowledge of C language already should learn the following course

Migration course from C to C++ language

C++ Course Content

  • Moving from C to C++
  • C++ basics
  • Data Types Operators and Expressions
  • Control Flow
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Modular Programming with Functions
  • Function Templates
  • Structures and Unions
  • Pointers and Runtime Binding
  • Classes and Objects
  • Dynamic Objects
  • Operator Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Virtual Functions
  • Generic Programming with Templates
  • Console Handling
  • Streams & Files
  • Exception Handling in C++
  • OO Analysis Design and Development (OOAD)

C++ Home tutors Kolkata- Garia, Jadavpur (8B), Baghajatin, Dhakuria

C, C++ home tutors available in these  locations: Garia, Naktala, Bansdroni, Regent Park, Narendrapur, Tollygunge, Ballygunge, Gariahat, Dhakuria, Jadavpur University (8B bus stand), Baruipur, Santoshpur. Our C C++ home tutors are Masters degree holder in Computer Science (CSE). C++ home tutors cost / monthly cost depends on location, for more details call 9232603282

Our C,C++ courses are suitable for whom?

  • West Bengal Board board school students,
  • ICSE, CBSE, ISC board school students,
  • C, C++ teachers also teach the students of B.Tech CSE, IT, ECE, EE students
  • Our C C++ teachers also teach the students of World School Students.
  • Any other persons seeking a C++ tutor can contact us for learning C C++ Java.

C & C++ combined courses

First Module : Learn C programming
Second Module : Learn C++ courses

C programming Course Content

Getting Started with C (computer programming language)

  • C character Set
    Constants, Variables and Keywords
    Write your first C program
    Compilation / Execution
    Data types & type conversion
    Hierarchy of operations

Decision Control

  • if Statement
  • if-else Statement
  • Nested if-else
  • Use of Logical Operators && II NOT
  • The ! Operator
  • The Conditional Operators
  • switch case break

Loops in C

  • The while, for Loop
  • Nesting of Loops
  • Multiple initialization in the for Loop
  • break and continue
  • do-while Loop
  • goto Keyword

Functions & Pointers

  • Passing Values between Functions
  • Function declaration and prototypes
  • Call by Value and Call by Reference
    An Introduction to Pointers

Recursion and Stack

Adding Functions to the Library

The C Preprocessor

  • Macro Expansion
  • Macros versus Functions
  • #if and #elif Directives
  • #undef Directive
  • #pragma Directive

Arrays in C :

  • 2-Dimensional Array
  • 3-Dimensional Arrays
  • Pointer and Array
  • Array of Pointers

Structure / Union / Macro

After completion of C/ C++  course you must learn our Java courses in Kolkata