Terms and Conditions – OCT Group Kolkata

Terms & conditions for monthly paying students

1) Every month’s tuition (coaching) fee to be paid either upfront (at the starting) or “on or before the last coaching class” of the month.
2) Failure of payment of a month subject to suspension of the classes.
3) If classes are suspended due to non-payment, then classes will resume only after payment is cleared.
4) If you pay by cash, the tutor normally collects the monthly fee.
5) If you pay online or via bank payment to our account then you shall inform the tutor that you have made the payment providing banking document supporting payment.

Crash course / short term course : terms & conditions

1) Course fee to be paid upfront before starting the course.
2) Before starting the course we inform the student about the total course fee, number of classes and each class duration.
2) If you are allowed to pay in installments then first installment to be paid upfront before starting the course. Each future installment amount payable within next 3 classes.
2) No payment is allowed after completion of course.