Powerpoint animation tutorial (1): multiple custom motion path animation

Description : how to add custom motion path to a single object in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007,2010 and how to add multiple motion paths one after another, i.e multiple type of movement animation on same object occurring at different timings, apply time delay to the object between the animation.

Adding custom motion path animation to a single object in Powerpoint 2007/2010, add multiple motion paths/ animation on same object occurring at different timings

Here the animations occur one after another :

  • Add a custom motion path to an object.
  • Add reverse animation.
  • After moving an object in a direction, then change the direction of path.
  • Add multiple animations to a single object.

From this video tutorial you will learn –

1. How to add a custom motion path animation on a single object in MS Powerpoint.
2. How to add multiple consecutive animation on a single object with or without delay.

The animations only happen after the previous animation and adjust timings to make a delay between animations.

Custom motion path Powerpoint video tutorial on Youtube

Another reference video tutorial on this topic

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