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WordPress Plugin installation in Ubuntu asking for FTP connection info

Probably this problem don’t arise in Windows system, but arises in Linux, and I have faced this problem in Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS. I tried to install plugin located in my Home folder. I opened the WordPress Dashboard in browser. Gone to-

Admin section -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload, then click CHOOSE FILE button, click INSTALL NOW.

WordPress Plugin installation in Ubuntu asking for FTP connection info:

When I am trying to install a plugin in WordPress , it is asking for FTP connection information like the following


The solution:

A solution has been described in this page.

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WebRoot access permission, Cannot write in /www/var/html

To install WordPress, to update WP themes in ubuntu, to install or update plugins (WP), to install new WP themes in the WEBROOT of local web servers like Apache, you may have faced the following type of problems. Normally web server folder in local Ubuntu installations are located in /var/www/html .


Ubuntu: use PHP5-MySQL extension to use MySQL in PHP scripts

Say you have installed PHP MySQL Apache etc in Ubuntu but you didnot install proper extensions , e.g php5-mysql extensions then you can get this type of errors-

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.


In Ubuntu phpMyAdmin, MySQL install, start, stop, status check

This tutorial is a guide for the Ubuntu users on How to install MySQL server , PHPMyAdmin, Apache Server in Ubuntu from the Ubuntu terminal screen. I highly recommend to update ubuntu before any kind of installation.


Main Linux Commands

Here is listed few linux articles list in which you will get some useful linux commands which may be necessary to do some basic or advanced jobs in Linux. If you are a linux geek then you can skip this page. This is mainly intended for basic users of Linux. Mainly commands are based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version but may work for other Linux distributions too.