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JavaSE and JavaEE courses Kolkata
JavaSE and JavaEE courses Kolkata

Best Java courses on core Java, advanced java, JavaEE / J2EE (JSP Servlet EJB). Learn Java programming language from the experienced Java tutors & Java home tutors in Kolkata.

But wait a minute!!!

Are you a beginner to Java? OR ..

you  know C C++ already and seeking a Java tutor to learn Java now?”

How long it will take to learn Core Java for you?

Core Java Learning
Core Java Learning Path –

Java has huge list of topics to learn? Never plan to learn all Java topics at a time. All will take one to two years..

“Thinking …..that you have just 2 months only to learn Java”

Start learning java with Core Java
Start learning java with Core Java

Better start learning Java with core Java. Our core Java courses are highly popular among the students.

We provide Java coaching for B.Tech (CSE/IT/ ECE/EE ), WB board, CBSE ICSE students. Our Java tutors conducts Java coaching classes at various locations in Kolkata. Also we provide Java private tutors and home tutors.

Online Java training courses also available within India and worldwide students.

Java Learning Curve : designed by expert Java tutors

  • A. Java course for beginners ( core java courses ) – suitable for students
  • B. Advanced Java courses – suitable for Java developers
  • C. Core Java + Advanced Java courses => Designed for Software developers and Computer Science Students of B.Tech M.Sc M.Tech level.
  • Java projects – For final year or final semester B.Tech CSE / Information technology students

A. Core Java course for the beginners in Kolkata

About our basic core Java course : This course is ideal for the students of Computer Science , IT and School students to start learning JavaSE (JDK) for first time, to put your first step in Java world. If you are learning JavaSE (Java Standard Edition) for the first time.

This basic Core Java course is suitable for..

B.Tech- Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Information Technology students

B.Sc / M.Sc Computer Science students

BCA & MCA / Master of Computer Applications students

School students of West Bengal board, CBSE, ICSE ISC class 9,10,11,12

Core Java Course content taught by Core Java tutors

  • Installing JavaSE 8 / JDK 8, JavaSE 9/ JDK 9, JDK 12
  • Setting path classpath of Java in Windows Linux
  • Variables, constants, Type casting, Operators
  • Primitive Data Types – int float char etc.
  • User Defined Data Types – Learn data types, Enumerated types, Static variables.
  • Conditional Statements – if – else, switch
  • Looping in Programming – while  , do while, for Loop, For each loop in Java
  • String Handling in Java – String, substring, String Matching, substring matching
  • Arrays in Java – Array concept in Java. Array sort, copy, merge, 2D and 3D array, Multidimensional arrays.
  • Objects and class concept – Private public protected members in Java. Simple programs using classes, objects, Method overloading, function members in a class.
  • Learn inner classes.
  • Exception Handling in Java
  • Learn inheritance in Java language.
  • Interfaces in Java ( Multiple Inheritance )
  • Packages
  • Learn File Handling in Java, Read Write in Files using Java
  • Learn Java I/O – Input and Output in Java, using InputStream OutputStream and Scanner classes in Java.
  • Creation of JAR files, build applications

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Advanced Java courses in Kolkata

Advanced Java course content:

  • Java Utilities
  • Learn Multi-Threading in Java
  • Java lang and System calls
  • Learn Java Generic Programming
  • Lambda Expression (Since JDK8 / JavaSE 8)
  • Java Collections API.
  • Course on Networking in Java
  • Learn GUI / Graphical user interface design.
  • Learn Event Handling in Java. Different models of Event Handling.
  • Our Swing courses includes Swing and AWT components like – JList, JCombobox, TextField, JTabbedPane, Jprogressbar, JSpinner, JTable etc.
  • Layout of Components inside Frame, Applet, Dialogue Box
  • Different Layout handling
  • Handle GUI projects using Netbeans and use Graphical user interface.

Duration of Advanced Java Course – 4 months.

Advance java coaching provided by our Advanced Java tutors and home tutors in Kolkata

Completed all ? Now learn JavaEE / Enterprise Java J2EE courses

  • JavaEE (J2EE) courses on Servlet JSP EJB JavaBeans …. Learn all these topics from our Java Tutors in Kolkata. We conduct various types of courses on Core java, Advanced Java, BlueJ, JavaEE (Java enterprise edition , formerly called J2EE), JSP Servlet, Struts, Spring, RMI, Networking with Java.

Java home tutors (private tutors) fee in Kolkata

Java  home tutors in Kolkata available in these location – (Jadavpur University, 8B bus stand, South city, Tollygunge, Gariahat, Naktala, Bansdroni, Ranikuthi, Netaji Nagar, Bijoygar, Baghajatin, Patuli, Santoshpur, Kamalgazi, Narendrapur, Garia, Sonarpur, Rajpur, Baruipur) for the school students, female students and B.Tech B.Sc M.Sc Information Technology, Computer Science Honours   students.

Java course fee in Kolkata

Core Java course fee and Advanced Java course fee is different. Normally course fee is billed for the whole course you are studying.

Online Java tutoring fee : Billed per hour basis

For a Java tutor (programming language) call 9163111390.

Java online training by Online Java Tutors

For international learners we conduct online live coaching on Java. For more information about  Online Java tutors

Java coaching centers in Kolkata

Java Training Centers in Kolkata

  • Baruipur, Near Rail Gate, South 24 Parganas 700144.
  • Mukundapur, Kolkata.







Java training for Computer Science CSE students

This course content is suitable for MCA, BCA, B.Tech CSE, B.Sc Computer Science Honours & M.Sc IT / M.S Computer Science (CS) , Graduate Level students, Diploma level students of Computer Science/IT.

Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions

  • Regular Expression Syntax
  • Using regexes in Java: Test for a Pattern
  • Finding the Matching Text
  • Replacing the Matched Text
  • Full Grep
  • … & more


  • String Is a Valid Number
  • Converting Numbers to Objects and Vice Versa
  • Comparing Floating-Point Numbers
  • Rounding Floating-Point Numbers
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Converting Between Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal
  • Operating on a Series of Integers
  • Generating Random Numbers
  • Taking Logarithms
  • Multiplying Matrices
  • Using Complex Numbers
  • Handling Very Large Numbers

    Dates and Times Handling in Java

  • Finding Today
  • Printing Date/Time in a Given Format
  • Representing Dates in Other Epochs
  • Parsing Strings into Dates
  • Converting Epoch Seconds to DMYHMS
  • Adding to or Subtracting from a Date or Calendar
  • Difference Between Two Dates
  • Comparing Dates
  • Day of Week/Month/Year
  • Creating a Calendar
  • Measuring Elapsed Time
  • Sleeping for a While
  • StringsTaking Strings Apart with Substrings
    Taking Strings Apart with StringTokenizer
    Processing a String One Character at a Time
    Aligning Strings
    Converting Between Unicode Characters and Strings
    Reversing a String by Word or by Character 64
    Indenting Text Documents
    …. & more

Data Structure with Java

  • Using Arrays
  • Resizing an Array in Java
  • Using Iterators for Data-Independent Access in Java
  • Linked List in Java
  • Mapping with Hashtable and HashMap in Java
  • Storing Strings in Properties and Preferences
  • Sorting a Collection in Java
  • Finding an Object in a Collection in Java
  • Converting a Collection to an Array in Java
  • Stack Implementation in Java
  • Multidimensional Structures in Java
  • Finally, Collections in Java
  • Data Structuring with Generics, foreach, and Enumerations (JDK 1.5)
  • Using Generic Collections in Java
  • Using “foreach” Loops in Java
  • Avoid Casting by Using Generics

    Object-Oriented Techniques in Java

  • Printing Objects
  • Overriding Equals
  • The Clone
  • Finalize
  • Inner Class
  • Providing Callbacks
  • Polymorphism/ Abstract Methods
  • Passing Values
  • Enforcing the Singleton Pattern
  • Your Own Exceptions

    Input and Output handling – I/O in Java

  • Reading Standard Input in Java
  • Writing Standard Output in Java
  • Printing with the 1.5 Formatter in Java
  • Scanning a File with StreamTokenizer
  • Scanning Input with the 1.5 Scanner Class in Java

    File Handling in Java

  • Opening a File
  • Copying a File
  • Reading a File into a String
  • Reading/Writing a Different Character Set in Java
  • End-of-Line Characters
  • Platform-Dependent File Code
  • Reading “Continued” Lines
  • Binary Data
  • Seeking

    Directory and Filesystem Operations in Java

  • Creating a File
  • Renaming a File
  • Deleting a File in Java
  • Creating Transient File
  • Changing File Attributes in Java
  • Listing a Directory in Java
  • Getting the Directory Roots in Java
  • Creating New Directories in Java
  • Program : search / find
  • Programming External Devices

Our Java coaching follows the syllabus of ISC and B.Tech

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