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If you are planning to learn WordPress then either “you are a blogger & want to setup a blog & for this you want to learn WP/ WordPress” , or “you are a website developer or programmer planning to build sites in WordPress CMS”. So you can learn WP as a user or as a developer or both.

Complete WordPress website development training courses in the tutorial coaching classes for the students who have basic PHP MySQL knowledge base.

If you are planning to learn WordPress

Many students come to us to learn WordPress without knowing the prerequisites. WordPress is a pre designed software package built in PHP MySQL in core. Excluding PHP & MySQL, WordPress programmers or WP  template and theme designers uses many library package like jQuery in it.

So to learn it thoroughly you should know this, but for theme designing purpose you may avoid detailed WordPress learning path. But to know WordPress in detail you must know PHP MySQL , JavaScript jQuery, how to use  local or remote web server software’s and basic FTP knowledge.

So we highly recommend the programmers who are planning to go through an WordPress course to learn the above. But if you are a designer and planning to design WordPress themes the read the following paragraph.

WP theme design training courses-

The web designers who don’t know programming can also learn WordPress without much coding knowledge. They should learn how to convert a normal template into a WP website.

But we highly recommend them to know the basics of PHP MySQL because it is the base of WordPress and all the functions, template functions in WordPress coded in PHP and MySQL.

So we have introduced a theme design course including
# WordPress theme design
# Integrating JavaScript jQuery code in it
# Using slider banner in themes

Complete WordPress course

# Theme design
# Plugin design
# WordPress core structure
# Library usage in WP

WP Online Live Training by a tutor

For outside of India students we conduct online training on WP, where a teacher will teach you Live, using online tools. You need a good high speed Internet and a computer to learn online.

learn WordPress as a user or blogger to build site

  • If you are a blogger you may need to learn WP as a user and you don’t need programming knowledge for it. So you can learn WordPress in a month as a user in 3/4 classes.
  • If you are a developer or programmer and you want to develop sites in WP and wants to host it in your or your client’s servers then you need a vast knowledge on it. And you need at least 10 classes to learn complete WordPress from scratch.

Learn WordpPress as a developer or programmer:

The prerequisite : The WordPress (WP) training course for a web developer  is recommended  for those trainees who have basic PHP MySQL knowledge base & who have basic understanding of OOP or Object Oriented Programming in PHP. To learn PHP & OOP concept in PHP click here if you don’t know PHP MySQL. You donot need to be an expert but you need some working knowledge in PHP.

We provide WordPress training in Kolkata and build up freelance wordpress experts.

WordPress Training Course Content

  • Installation
  • Theme design
  • Plugin design.
  • WordPress architecture
  • WordPress codex.
  • WordPress customization
  • Ecommerce site development.
  • Hosting to a site.
  • Building a live website in WordPress.