Linux Networking

Network Manager, Using Nokia 5800 as Bluetooth/USB 3g Modem, USB Dongle Install

Visit This Page : Network Manager

Another Wiki Page How to attach bluetooth modem in UbuntuĀ Probing Bluetooth Modems

This is a page on 3G Hardware Table, Have the following info on Nokia 5800 and have a link on 3G Probing (I have a Nokia 5800 Phone).

Hardware- Nokia 5800
GSM/UMTS Phone via USB/Bluetooth
Status- USB is detected/enabled automatically (nm-0.7), Bluetooth works after a small edition as detailed in *NetworkManager/Hardware/3G/Probing

Mobile Phone Issues

USB Tethering in Windows 8 – Problem Solved in Samsung Galaxy S Duos

USB Tethering Problem Solved in Samsung S Duos with Windows 8 single edition for my Sony VAIO laptop (Core i5 processor 3rd Gen, 4 GB RAM etc).

By the USB tethering you can distribute your Android Smart Phones internet to other computers / laptops/ devices.

What you need : You need a USB cable to connect your smartphone to the PC/laptop. For some PCs you may need proper driver for samsung phones compatible to your windows versions.

Internet Technology

How to change the default search engine, when you search the web from the address bar of Firefox browser

Just type in your search terms and hit Enter button in the address bar of your Firefox browser URL. Firefox will take you to the Google search results page or Yahoo or bing search results pages.

You can also do the following :

  • Web search in the address bar
  • Turning off the web search in the address bar
  • Changing the search engine for the address bar
  • URL autocomplete
  • Domain Guessing
  • Turning off Domain Guessing
  • Changing the prefix or suffix.

Read all these in the Mozilla blog
Website Address:

Router Wireless Network

TP-Link Wireless ADSL2 Modem Router TD-W8961ND settings pages

TP-Link Wireless ADSL2 Modem Router TD-W8961ND settings pages. I personally dont recommend to use these settings.

Networking Router Wireless Network

Distribute ADSL Modem Internet connection via wireless router having LAN WAN port

This article will be also helpful for the readers who are searching for “how to distribute BSNL broadband internet connection via a Phone line and Modem (having LAN port in the modem)”.

Router Wireless Network

Tp-link ADSL2 modem(TD-W8961ND) router settings > as Wireless access point > Interface setup

TP-LINK ADSL2 Modem Router as WLAN access point. The images of the Interface setup settings- guide for Internet Setting, LAN setting and Wireless Settings are shown below as separate images.

Networking Wireless Network

Configure the basic wireless router settings (Linksys Wireless B, G, N)

Know the details of a wireless router settings. Here you will get more information about a Linksys Router settings.

  • Network Mode
  • Wireless-N, Wireless-G, and 802.11b devices in your network
  • Network Name (SSID)
  • Radio Band
  • Wide Channel
  • Standard Channel
  • SSID Broadcast : Enabled or Disabled

visit this link for more information

Networking Wireless Network

How to Set Up a Bridge Between the LAN & a Wireless Network

How to Set Up a Bridge Between the LAN & a Wireless Network : A local area network, commonly called a LAN, refers to two or more computers connected via Ethernet cable. If one of those computers also connects to the Internet via a wireless network, you can create a network bridge to allow other computers on the LAN to connect to the same wireless network. So even if some computers on the LAN do not have wireless cards, they can still receive the Internet through the network bridge.

Networking Wireless Network

How to get MAC of a WLAN / Wifi device , get MAC address of Nokia 5800 Expressmusic phone WLAN

The MAC address of a WLAN device can be retrieved by the code *#MAC0WLAN# on the standby screen (that’s same as dialing *#62209526#)

Networking Wireless Network

Configure BSNL WA3002G4 Modem to Access Internet via LAN / Wi-Fi

Configure BSNL WA3002G4 Modem to Access Internet via LAN / Wi-Fi. Read details here