Learn responsive design, Bootstrap, LESS, CSS3 Animation & more

This advanced level web designing training course has been intended for the professional web designers, web developers PHP ASP.net JSP & graphic designers, if you have good knowledge on web design you can also follow this course. Otherwise follow our base course.

Learn responsive web designing, advanced CSS techniques, Bootstrap CSS framework, Less by following the most advanced training course on responsive web designing, css3, HTML5.

Prerequisite of this course: You can learn responsive web designing if you already have a good knowledge on CSS,CSS3, HTML/ HTML5 tags, positioning concept. If you are a beginner, then you first learn how to design a website , the basic web designing training course for the beginners in Kolkata or online**.

Advanced level responsive web designing, Bootstrap course content-

    • Basics of responsive web designing techniques.
    • How to build a responsive website from scratch.
    • How to convert a non – responsive website into a mobile friendly responsive website
    • Bootstrap CSS framework
    • Learn advanced css3 properties, CSS3 Animation
    • Parallax Effect in CSS & jQuery.
    • jQuery Slider integrate.
    • CSS Layouts
    • CSS preprocessing with LESS.
    • Responsive Web Designing with Bootstrap.
    • Duration: 2 months.
    • To learn online click here.

Learn Bootstrap in Kolkata

If you are in this section and if you are interested then you must have known its effect in web designing. Bootstrap is a CSS framework and makes the life of web designers easier to make responsive websites. Bootstrap use 12 column grid system to build responsive websites & also Bootstrap uses jQuery to build many effects in it. You can build responsive websites very quick with Bootstrap.

 Contact “OCT Group Kolkata” on any further query on Bootstrap.

Learn the CSS preprocessor Less

Have you heard it ? CSS pre-processing is an excellent feature to build CSS very quick. And the frameworks like Less Sass will help you in this matter excellently.

Also learn advanced CSS3 animations..

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Design responsive websites for Tablet Mobiles and smart phones iphones

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