MS Powerpoint

Powerpoint animation tutorial (1): multiple custom motion path animation

Description : how to add custom motion path to a single object in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007,2010 and how to add multiple motion paths one after another, i.e multiple type of movement animation on same object occurring at different timings, apply time delay to the object between the animation.

Internet Technology

How to change the default search engine, when you search the web from the address bar of Firefox browser

Just type in your search terms and hit Enter button in the address bar of your Firefox browser URL. Firefox will take you to the Google search results page or Yahoo or bing search results pages.

You can also do the following :

  • Web search in the address bar
  • Turning off the web search in the address bar
  • Changing the search engine for the address bar
  • URL autocomplete
  • Domain Guessing
  • Turning off Domain Guessing
  • Changing the prefix or suffix.

Read all these in the Mozilla blog
Website Address:

Router Wireless Network

TP-Link Wireless ADSL2 Modem Router TD-W8961ND settings pages

TP-Link Wireless ADSL2 Modem Router TD-W8961ND settings pages. I personally dont recommend to use these settings.

PHP Tutorials

WordPress problem in localhost- .htaccess causing internal server error 500

.htaccess in WAMP Server (in WordPress local installation) showing internal server error 500, how to solve it?

The solution is :

  • Left Mouse Click on Wampserver icon in the System Tray in Windows7/XP etc and
  • Goto Apache -> httpd.conf
  • a file will open and in it
  • and search “#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/”.
  • Remove the # as below and save it as follows
  • LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
  • then restart all service.

Actually you need to enable the mod_rewrite module in Apache server. In the httpd.conf file, the configuration file of Apache, find “LoadModule rewrite_module modules/” and remove the pound (#) symbol from the beginning of this line and then save the file and restart WAMP by left mouse click- restart all services.

Also in some cases you need to change AllowOverride none in the httpd.conf to AllowOverride all as well. Read it in wordpress forum

Reference Reading :Some more information on Apache HTACCESS internal server error 500 in Wamp or wordpress installation in wamp server visit this page

Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Excel row column selection shorcut keys

A tutorial on shortcut keys in Excel : Mac users should use COMMAND key instead of CTRL. This tutorial shows how to select some cells, a cell range, entire row or column, multiple columns in MS Excel.

Networking Router Wireless Network

Distribute ADSL Modem Internet connection via wireless router having LAN WAN port

This article will be also helpful for the readers who are searching for “how to distribute BSNL broadband internet connection via a Phone line and Modem (having LAN port in the modem)”.