Install Java jdk8 in Ubuntu 14.04 from .tar.gz archive files

If you want to install JDK / JRE in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version then just download the archive file jdk1.8.0_66.tar.gz. The file name will be of this type jdk1.8.0_66.tar.gz , after downloading you have to put it in /opt/ directory. Use the following steps to install java 8 manually in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS version from jdk1.8.0_66.tar.gz archive files.


Can’t write the wp-config.php, problem in Ubuntu

Sorry, but I can’t write the wp-config.php

Wordpress cannot write in config.php file
WordPress cannot write in config.php file

Ubuntu : Add user to a new group, existing group, group creation

To add a user to an existing group:

$ sudo adduser <USERNAME> <GROUPNAME>

To make a new group:

$ sudo addgroup <GROUPNAME>

See Which Groups Your Linux User Belongs To

$ groups <username>

If you don’t enter a username, it defaults to your own username. For instance:

$ groups

Remove a user from an existing group in Ubuntu

$ deluser <username> <groupname>


Install Eclipse manually offline in Ubuntu 14.04

How to install Eclipse java editor in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS manually after downloading Eclipse from the website. This is a guide for offline installation of Eclipse software.


Install java netbeans offline manually in ubuntu 14.04 LTS linux

How to install Java Netbeans package manually in ubuntu 14.04 LTS linux operating system (after downloading netbeans from the Netbeans or Oracle website).


Setting up virtual host in Ubuntu 14.04 localhost

I was searching for a guide to setup Virtual Hosts In Apache On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installation in my local PC running ubuntu 14.04 lts. I was able to setup the Ubuntu local virtual host by reading this guide. Read the full guide here. The URL shown below.

Read the help of VI Editor Here

Virtual Hosts are used to setup more than one domain or websites using a single IP address. This is very useful if anybody wants to run multiple websites using a single IP address on single VPS.

In this tutorial, let me show how to setup virtual hosts in Apache web server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Be mindful that this tutorial is only tested On Ubuntu 14.04 32bit edition. I may not issue any assurance that this will work on all other Ubuntu lower versions and Ubuntu derivatives.

Linux Networking

Network Manager, Using Nokia 5800 as Bluetooth/USB 3g Modem, USB Dongle Install

Visit This Page : Network Manager

Another Wiki Page How to attach bluetooth modem in Ubuntu Probing Bluetooth Modems

This is a page on 3G Hardware Table, Have the following info on Nokia 5800 and have a link on 3G Probing (I have a Nokia 5800 Phone).

Hardware- Nokia 5800
GSM/UMTS Phone via USB/Bluetooth
Status- USB is detected/enabled automatically (nm-0.7), Bluetooth works after a small edition as detailed in *NetworkManager/Hardware/3G/Probing

Linux Wordpress Tutorials

WebRoot access permission, Cannot write in /www/var/html

To install WordPress, to update WP themes in ubuntu, to install or update plugins (WP), to install new WP themes in the WEBROOT of local web servers like Apache, you may have faced the following type of problems. Normally web server folder in local Ubuntu installations are located in /var/www/html .


Ubuntu: use PHP5-MySQL extension to use MySQL in PHP scripts

Say you have installed PHP MySQL Apache etc in Ubuntu but you didnot install proper extensions , e.g php5-mysql extensions then you can get this type of errors-

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.


In Ubuntu phpMyAdmin, MySQL install, start, stop, status check

This tutorial is a guide for the Ubuntu users on How to install MySQL server , PHPMyAdmin, Apache Server in Ubuntu from the Ubuntu terminal screen. I highly recommend to update ubuntu before any kind of installation.