Graphic designing courses in Kolkata on Photoshop, Corel Draw & illustrator

Graphic Designing Course in Kolkata for beginners

Graphics designing training provided in our tutorial classes based in Kolkata. Our Photoshop Adobe Ai (illustrator) teachers are expert Graphic Designers in Kolkata & they provide professional level coaching on Photoshop, illustrator, Corel draw & other Graphics Designing courses.

Our Photoshop training courses

You will learn to draw shapes, logo, banners, PSD files for web pages, raster images modification, image & photo editing, retouching, healing etc.

Adobe illustrator training courses in Kolkata

Adobe illustrator is totally different software , if compared to Adobe Photoshop, though Photoshop and illustrator have many tools alike having similar names, and they behave in the same way. If you want to be a Vector artist then you should learn it and its a must, though there are many other vector drawing software in the software market but Adobe Ai is the guru.

Where Ai is more essential than Photoshop : For Logo design & vector drawing.

Where Photoshop is more efficient than Adobe Ai (illustrator) : Image Photo editing, retouching healing, video editing frame by frame. Yes you can video edit in Photoshop.

Multimedia Training in Kolkata – Video Editing

OCT Group Kolkata also conducts various video editing courses on Adobe premiere pro video editing software, Adobe After Effects.

The prior knowledge required to learn Photoshop Ai

Just you need some basic computer knowledge, e.g- shutdown or opening windows. If you know to use notepad, wordpad, MSWord this is enough.

Online Graphics Designing Training

Also our Photoshop teachers & illustrator tutors provide online coaching for remote and abroad learners & if you reside outside Kolkata, then you can avail the online graphic design training courses , Click here to know more.

Graphic designing home tutor : also available

In Kolkata & surrounding area we also provide home tutor where our teachers will goto your home to teach you Graphic designing packages like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Ai, CorelDraw personally. So call us to know more about it.

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Free Graphic designing tutorials in DVD

Where we teach ? We teach Graphics designing in Kolkata and near Kolkata. Normally our teachers teach at our location, but in many cases we send our home tutors to students’ home.

The township near Kolkata, where we teach graphic designing packages:

  • Jadavpur,
  • Santoshpur
  • Garfa Main Road
  • Garia,
  • Baghajatin
  • Baruipur

Call (+91)9163111390 / 9232603282 to learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator etc software.

Private coaching provided on Graphics Designing Packages like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, CorelPaint. If you are looking for professional Graphic designers, illustrators click here.