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Our JavaScript mentors & JavaScript jQuery tutors in Kolkata conducts basic to advanced  JavaScript courses, jQuery courses, NodeJS AngularJS courses in Kolkata & online. To learn JavaScript & jQuery programming techniques attend the JavaScript tutorial classes in Kolkata conducted by “Online Computer Teacher”.

JavaScript course content & fee:

  • JavaScript & DOM Fundamentals : have a good grasp on JavaScript fundamentals:
  • ES6: The current version of JavaScript. Lots of developers still haven’t properly learned ES6. It’s time to learn at least the essentials.
  • Closures: JavaScript’s function scopes.
  • Functions & pure functions
  • Functional programming basics.
  • Builtin methods: standard data types  – Arrays, Objects, Strings, Numbers.
  • Callback Functions.
  • Promises
  • Ajax & server API calls
  • Classes
  • Generators & async/await: write asynchronous code that looks synchronous. It has a learning curve.

jQuery courses online from JavaScript experts
jQuery courses online from JavaScript expert tutors

jQuery training in Kolkata & online jQuery tutorials

Our Online JavaScript live tutors will teach you in one : one mode where you can learn from your home. Visit this link for JavaScript online courses, JavaScript live tutors.

NodeJS Online Tutorial Courses & NodeJS courses in Kolkata

NodeJS courses in Kolkata & Online NodeJS courses
NodeJS courses in Kolkata & Online NodeJS courses

Our Online Tutorials on JavaScript : Free JavaScript online tutorials by Mr Choudhury