Functions in JavaScript – function objects expressions

Functions in JavaScript

Before stating anything new, I assume you have some idea on functions used in programming languages. Here I have shown how JavaScript is different from traditional function usage in c c++ Java. The traditional use of functions used here in statement form. Continue reading “Functions in JavaScript – function objects expressions”

Tutorial on DOM : Learn the basics of DOM

The Document Object Model (DOM) is the model that describes how all the Elements/Tags/ Selectors in an HTML / XML page, are placed as a TREE structure or hierarchical structure, inside the document. How each DOM elements can be accessed and manipulated.  In this tutorial you will learn the basics of DOM object model. Continue reading “Tutorial on DOM : Learn the basics of DOM”

JavaScript global variable updated by onchange event of drop down lists

Example of Global variable in JavaScript. In this program when you select a drop down element then JavaScript function is called and the select element is passed to the function and function updates the global variable inside the function and add the select element’s option element’s value to the global variable and the output is displayed. Continue reading “JavaScript global variable updated by onchange event of drop down lists”