Computer Science Final Semester Projects

Final year computer science projects with documentation , DFD , UML diagram & flow chart done by OCT Group Kolkata . Submit your final sem computer sc. projects, information technology & software projects in time with the guidance of Masters in Computer Science / IT.

Projects done on C C++ Java PHP MySQL Oracle ASP.NET etc platform. Complete coding & documentation solution provided by our project coders. Mainly computer programming oriented projects done.

Types of software projects supplied for the final year CSE students:

  • Shopping cart projects in C++, Java, PHP MySQL.
  • Ecommerce projects in PHP ASP.NET
  • Graph Theory Projects**
  • Database oriented projects in Java PHP ASP.Net
  • Employee Management System Projects
  • Salary System Projects
  • Other custom projects.

Final year projects with documentation

  • B.Tech Computer Science Projects
  • Web Development Projects for the Students
  • Java JSP Projcts
  • OOAD : Object  Oriented Analysis and Design Projects & Solutions
  • Programming Algorithms
  • CBSE ICSE ISC West Bengal Board School Projects
  • B.Tech CSE Computer Science And Engineering Final Year projects / 8th Semester Projects
  • Powerpoint presentation projects

Terms and Conditions : Projects are taken for development based on written proposal from the respective student or  students group. Firstly, you need to send us written project proposal, we shall go through the detailed requirements and after getting confirmation from our end, you need to pay. Only after getting paid, we shall start the work for you or your group.

Different educational level has different pay structure.

For more information contact us : (+91)9232603282 / 9163111390