Learn computer programming in C

  • To Learn Computer Programming learn C. 
  • C is a basic computer programming language and to make a base in computer programming it is highly recommended to learn C before learning C++ & java.
  • We teach C language to the students of B.Tech, WB board, CBSE ISC ICSE in Kolkata & also we teach  online.
  • Learn how to run C program in Linux, Windows.

If you are running C programs in grand old Turbo C or TC++ editor and have thought that you know C very well you may also choose the options to run C programs in Linux (Ubuntu/ Fedora)

C language course content for West Bengal Board,  CBSE, ICSE, ISC students.

Getting Started with C (computer programming language)

  • C character Set
    Constants, Variables and Keywords
    Write your first C program
    Compilation / Execution
    Data types & type conversion
    Hierarchy of operations

Decision Control

  • if Statement
  • if-else Statement
  • Nested if-else
  • Use of Logical Operators && II NOT
  • The ! Operator
  • The Conditional Operators
  • switch case break

Loops in C

  • The while, for Loop
  • Nesting of Loops
  • Multiple initializations in the for Loop
  • break and continue
  • do-while Loop
  • goto Keyword

Functions & Pointers

  • Passing Values between Functions
  • Function declaration and prototypes
  • Call by Value and Call by Reference
    An Introduction to Pointers

Recursion and Stack

Adding Functions to the Library

The C Preprocessor

  • Macro Expansion
  • Macros versus Functions
  • #if and #elif Directives
  • #undef Directive
  • #pragma Directive

Arrays in C :

  • 2-Dimensional Array
  • 3-Dimensional Arrays
  • Pointer and Array
  • Array of Pointers

Structure / Union / Macro

After completing your C computer programming language course we highly recommend to learn C++ and Java.