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Logo teacher in Kolkata

A very simple and easy to learn programming language is LOGO. By giving commands we can draw shapes and we can also write procedures. The shapes are drawn with the movement of LOGO turtle, which moves with LOGO commands.

Two different versions of LOGO is :
i) PC LOGO ( It works on Command Prompt)
ii) MSW LOGO (It works on Windows Operating System)

MSW LOGO Workspace :

Learn MSW LOGO from our experienced LOGO tutor in Kolkata.

MSW LOGO teacher for Class III (3)

LOGO Course content includes:

  • Details about LOGO Workspace
  • Turtle Directions
  • Turtle Shorthand
  • Turtle Pen
  • Erasing
  • Creating Shapes
  • Writing Procedures
  • Adding colors
  • Printing … and much more….

LOGO Tutor for Class IV (4) – ICSE, CBSE

Example of commands used in Logo :

LOGO Command to move turtle 100 steps forward :

Forward 100

LOGO Command to turn turtle right side 90 degree :

Online Course on Computer Science – MSW LOGO Class V (5) – with practical example.