How to make partitions for a new linux O.S installation (Ubuntu, Fedora)

For Non GPT Disks: Strategy on partitioning a Linux system. The simplest partitioning scheme, on a non-GPT disk, is simply use a root partition and a swap partition.

For GPT type Disks:  You should add a BIOS-Boot or an EFI partition depending on the boot mode of your BIOS.

GPT type Disks can be checked via the “sudo parted -l” command)

You will get a detailed guide here in Ubuntu Documentation Website

Root partition (always required)

  • Mount point: / (Root)
  • Type: Linux type (generally EXT4)
  • Description: the root partition contains by default all your system files, program settings and documents.
  • Size: minimum is 8GB. It is recommended to make it at least 15GB.
  • Warning: your system will be blocked if the root partition is full.


Swap (very recommended)

  • Mount point: none
  • Type: SWAP
  • Description: see SwapFaq.
  • Size: size of your RAM.