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USB Tethering in Windows 8 – Problem Solved in Samsung Galaxy S Duos

USB Tethering Problem Solved in Samsung S Duos with Windows 8 single edition for my Sony VAIO laptop (Core i5 processor 3rd Gen, 4 GB RAM etc).

By the USB tethering you can distribute your Android Smart Phones internet to other computers / laptops/ devices.

What you need : You need a USB cable to connect your smartphone to the PC/laptop. For some PCs you may need proper driver for samsung phones compatible to your windows versions.

I have a Galaxy S Duos (7562 model probably) and just made everything working in as follows, I mean the Tethering Options (USB tethering, Wifi Hotspot and Bluetooth Tethering). I have discussed few Tethering and Wifi Hotspot problems found to use my Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwitch Android O.S in my Samsung S duos.

Option 1: Wifi Hotspot : I connected using Wifi hotspot and found no problem to do it using my Sony Vaio laptop core i5. Sometimes I have faced the wifi looses internet with the hotspot connection and I have to disconnect wi-fi and reconnect the hotspot.

Option 2: Bluetooth tethering: Firsth make bluetooth tethering ON in my samsung s duos android phone.

Settings -> More Settings ->Tethering and Portable Hotspots

I connect samsung s duos with bluetooth when I see the samsung Galaxy S duos in bluetooth devices window then right click on it and connect using ACCESS POINT. This is bluetooth access point. But in this section I see the NET is connected but no data trasnfer occurs and websites dont open , I dont know why.

Option 3 : Set up USB tethering for Windows 8 / 7

USB tethering : I have seen USB tethering works fine for me in my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit edition without anything extra. But you may need a driver from Samsung or your phone company to make it working.

For Windows 7 the following step 1, is not required I think, but it is required for Windows 8.

1) Just turn on your USB debugging mode on from your samsung s duos settings. How to do it ? Open setting on your samsung s duos -> goto Developer Options -> Make USB debugging checked.

Just check whether your USB tethering works or not ? First check it, because you may not need anything extra. I highly suggest you before installing any new driver first check the NET is coming to your PC or Not??

If still USB tethering dont work download the Samsung Mobile Phone USB drivers from here (I cannot guarantee this, but I found this works) and install in your Windows 8 / 7 PC or laptop and install  it.

Got the following info from this website :

Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (core package): universal 32-bit/64-bit
Some phones require supplementary Windows-only drivers (first install the core package): Samsung / LG
Mac OS X 10.4+ (up to 10.8): universal Intel/PowerPC
Ubuntu 10.4+: i386 / amd64
Fedora 13+: i686 / x86_64

There exists some other options as described- here