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Distribute ADSL Modem Internet connection via wireless router having LAN WAN port

How to distribute a ADSL Modem Internet connection or BSNL Broadband Internet connection via another Wireless Router/Accesspoint, having LAN WAN port in it. You need a modem (ADSL) having Telephone Line Port (DSL line) and a RJ45 or LAN port in it. Also you need a standard router.

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Here is the case study: You have a ADSL modem with RJ11 (Telephone line) port and a LAN (RJ45 port) and you want to distribute the Internet connection of that MODEM (ADSL) via Wireless Router. Phone line is also called DSL Line and can be connected to a RJ11 port of a ADSL modem.

So you need : 1) ADSL Modem 2) A router having 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports. Distribute ADSL Modem Internet connection via another Router having LAN WAN port

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Reference Reading : Tp-link ADSL2 modem router (TD-W8961ND) configuration/settings as Wireless access point